Less than two hours on a comfortable train from Vienna, we arrived in Salzburg and walked 40 minutes to Hotel Turnerwit, only to later discover that a local bus stopped right outside. Oh well, the exercise is always good and at this point on our trip, we barely even notice carrying our bags!

Salzburg was mainly chosen as it was a logical stepping stone from Vienna to Obergurgl, where we had a ski lodge booked, and because it looked like a picturesque town. Therefore, the only thing on the agenda was to walk around aimlessly, take in the town, sample some more Austria food, and ideally sample some Austrian wine too. Yes, life is stressful on the road sometimes 🙂

After dropping out bags, we turned on our heels and took the bus back into town, getting off in time to walk through Mirabell Platz, the fancy gardens of a famous Austrian whose name I have forgotten!

mirabell platz salzburg

Mirabell Platz

Every which way you turned to look out, there was something pretty to look at, like a mountain in the distance, the fort on top of the hill, or the quaint buildings that made up the town.


Salzburg Mountains


View of Salzburg Centre

To me, Salzburg was born to be a Christmas town and I cannot imagine what they do in the Summer. Every window display was kitted out in full tinsel, Xmas markets were popping up, the streets were lined with fairy lights and Christmas trees, and the cold weather just topped it off nicely. They were a fawn and a talking beaver away from being Narnia!


Christmas Mad Window Displays

salzburg xmas tree

Christmas Trees!

Salzburg, is of course, the birthplace of Amadeus Mozart and since finding his fame in classical music whilst alive, he appears to be doing a roaring trade in selling overpriced chocolate covered marzipan balls whilst dead! A sucker for both chocolate and marzipan, I gave into the chocolate composer and bought a bag, only to see them for half the price in the supermarket later in the day (just don’t tell the spread sheet, OK!) We’d already had our dose of Mozart in concert during our visit to Prague so overlooked the numerous concerts being advertised around town.

mozart choc

Chocolate Composer!

We stopped for lunch at Sternbrau and were served up two massive plates of delicious food. I had enough roast pork to feed an army and Kate tried the beef goulash, with both of us enjoying regional favourites such as dumplings and sauerkraut on the side. It was such a nice relaxed restaurant, we sat and nursed our wine glasses for over an hour until we had room to try the ever so Austrian, Apple Strudel too!

sternbrau salzburg

Delicious Roast Pork and Sauerkraut

apple strudel

Apple Strudel and Cream!

Time to keep your fingers crossed for some serious snow, as now we are off to our final stop – the ski slopes of Obergurgl!

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